Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Deaf Hear, the Blind See, and the Poor Have Good News Preached to Them

I recently saw the following video (from the UK's The Telegraph), which shows the moment when a British woman, apparently deaf from birth, is able to hear for the first time because of a cochlear implant.

It’s pretty thrilling, and especially to see how overwhelmed she is by it. You can't help but be so happy for her.

As I watched this video I thought to myself, My Jesus does this all the time. He takes people who are unable to hear the real truth, who are blinded to the light of the gospel, and He changes them. He gives them ears to hear, spiritual sight, and He forever changes them.

And there’s coming a day when we will be in His presence, and we’ll be able to hear and see and sing and think and rejoice because all the interference of this world will drop away.

No wonder there’s joy unspeakable and full of glory. No wonder we love Him so much.