Thursday, November 19, 2015

Flying Traffic Cones

Our friend Rose (name changed) is a widow without a lot of money, and she drives a beat-up old car. So when she heard her father was sick in another state, she knew she had to take her old car on a thousand-mile road trip.

My wife prayed for Rose, and for her car, the night before the trip. Rose was able to visit her elderly father and make it all the way home safely. And she told an interesting story about the drive.

Several hours into her trip the highway was narrowed by construction. Work crews were on the shoulder, and one of the lanes was marked off by orange traffic cones.

Rose is a careful driver, and she had slowed down for the construction. But the car ahead suddenly swerved as if out of control, and somehow knocked a traffic cone up in the air. Rose saw it caroming toward her like an orange missile.